Review of “Buffet Hotel”

Jimmy Buffett released his 27th original album on December 2. It’s my least favorite in many years. It ranks closest to “Beach House on the Moon” and “Somewhere Over China”. I would rank those two last if I were ranking Buffett albums, with the last three being, in order, Hotel, Beach House and China.

With that said, it’s still decent and I’m enjoying several of the songs a lot. The last three or four of albums have been really good, so I guess it is inevitable for there to be a bit of a dip in overall appeal (even if there has been a bit of time since the last one). Here’s my track-by-track take, with a conclusion at the end.

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Holiday Travel Advice

The holidays mean a lot of things, and one of those is that more people will be travelling. The period around Thanksgiving is the busiest air travel time all year in the US. As the holidays approach, I thought some of you might appreciate a few travel tips from someone who has learned a thing or two about air travel. Hopefully these tips will help you have a more enjoyable, smoother and quicker trip. And if you follow them, people around you and on your plane will have one, too 😉

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Here We Go…

In about 36 hours, this is what James and I will be doing:

Circuitous Route

This is the route my Southwest airplane took from Dallas to Houston today to avoid a storm. It’s normally 25 minutes in the air, but the flight time today was about an hour.